Frivolous Gardens and Perky Spirits

Often times when we think of the word “frivolous”, it brings upon us a feeling of having instead of needing. Being frivolous, however, does not have to concern itself with money or lavish living styles with lots of cars and a big house on a hilltop. Because along with the tarnish it gives, it also means to indulge. Indulge how? With Love, Happiness, Purity, Equality . . There are so many different aspects that we take for granted or lose ourselves in when we get jumbled up in the hectic schedules of the day. Really though, what you need to be frivolous is a heart and a little bit of brain work. So, when waters are running and you can’t seem to swim, just be Frivolous and Love what needs to be Loved. Be Happy when Happiness is due. And always bring Purity when life gets dirty. Stay Pure, Stay Positive, and Stay Frivolous!


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