The Loving Demand for the Lost

To love is the most beautiful feeling a person can experience. Being loved floods your logic with happiness and bliss. To lose that, however, is the most hurtful emotion one could possibly endure. But, we are forced to love and lose many complicated times in our lives. There isn’t complete loss in these situations though, believe it or not there’s actually new beginning birthed in the process. We all hear it a lot in our lives, but to grasp the message of growing from filthy dealings is one to be learned a few times in our lifetime. After a storm there will always be a rainbow. We cannot lose sight of the bliss that can come from experiencing heartbreak. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here would we? I don’t personally think so. You aren’t necessarily weak for giving up, you may just be strong enough to let go. We all perceive things very differently, but that can change. Go out there strong and find the rainbow after your storm, because it will always be there, sometimes you wait-sometimes you search-and sometimes you just exist. I promise it will be there, maybe not today or tomorrow or even the next day, but it will always be there at some point in our lives. Stay Wonderful, Stay Beautiful, and Stay Strong!


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