Purrfect Bliss

Things have gotten a little heavy lately with the Daily Posts, so I thought today I would loosen things up a bit and share with you a few of the wise never-ending knowledges of the feline mind. Over the years of living with cats, I have found that humans have an extraordinary amount of life lessons to learn from them.

My morning routine begins with using the restroom, then I take a shower, brush my teeth, check my email, make my breakfast, and then type out a blog post. The cats? They are there for every. last. second. of it. What can you learn from this experience? To be loyal to your friends is the most annoying, absolutely needed pieces of life. I also often find myself staring at the cats that are busy gazing at birds through the window. Every once in a while, though, a bird will come just close enough to trigger a leap into the much stable glass. How can you improve yourself in regards to a cat smacking into a window? Simple, when you chase a dream, you’ll take a fall, but if you want it bad enough-you’ll never stay down. As for my nightly duties as a cat owner-I end the day with laying in my bed squished into a corner while the cats take siege over the rest of it. The life-changing, wonderful, exciting lesson to top it all of is that if you love the people around you as much as you should, you will make room for them in your lives no matter how little space there is. Stay Curious, Stay Amazing, and Stay Happy!


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