Dropping What Was and Loving What’s To Come


Little Boy Lost, lost without a mother and lost without a father-depending only on the streets of the Projects in Philadelphia to bring his meals and to sew his clothes. Never had a bed and never felt love, Little Boy Lost was assumed to be lost forever beneath the piles of rubbish that created these retched streets. Until, however, one day a curious boy went beyond his scheduled path to shed a light on what is hope. Roaming the sidewalks and deep allies as he always did in the mornings, Little Boy Lost was looking for his next meal. The sun’s golden-fresh rays that stretched across and awoke the city were gleaming bright this morning. What a beautiful hug the morning warmth made, creating a yellow glow to blanket the city. Far down the main stretch the Boy heard a bell caressing itself through the quiet. A mail delivery boy came whizzing by and being nearly blinded by the light of the morning sun, knocked into the Little Boy Lost, placing him on the pavement-still cold from the night before. After he realized what he had done, of course the mail boy came back to check on the accident. Pulling Little Boy Lost from his recent treachery, the Boy was grateful at least he had come back to check on him. Living in the Projects he had been knocked down, thrown, and pushed around many times before-so it wasn’t as if he hadn’t grown used to the violence the area had previously offered him. This mail boy was different, though. He had a worried expression masking his face, as if afraid the Boy would retaliate. Having never felt this kind of care before-he had reacted accordingly. The busy boy was sure to know if he was okay before leaving to complete his morning route-but not before discussing to meet again the next day. They had both gone about their day as usual. The mail boy heads south and Little Boy Lost began north. The morning soon grew into the day, now booming with the hum of cars as they accomplished their daily errands. Little Boy Lost had found a few fries-to his luck they were still warm-near a trash can outside his favorite restaurant. Afterward he made his way to public drinking fountain. He quenched his thirst there and started back toward his home.

Nighttime had fallen and Little Boy Lost was beginning to nod off. Placed upon a soft collection of garbage bags and old forgotten pillows, he could hardly retain his excitement to meet up with his new friend the next day. Soon enough, however he was fast asleep, surely dreaming about his new friend. Waking up to the brisk new day, the Boy was almost ready to head toward his decided meeting place. Being that the clouds were blocking the sun from creating the bliss of the morning before-he began looking for a makeshift jacket to wear. Promptly as scheduled, he was at the bus stop where they had chosen to meet for the day. At 8 O’clock he had already been waiting an hour for his friend to show. Looking left and looking right anytime a bird sang, or an early car drove by. Soon came 9, then 10-the Boy had lost hope. He began his morning routine-more dreary than normal. He had made his way to the restaurant again. Today, however, there were no leftovers to be had. Looking out to the distant foggy mountains, lit by the blue morning haze, he heard a familiar sound. A sharp sounding jingle he had heard the day prior.Within the time the Boy had turned to see what had created the noise-the mail boy had already caught up to him. He had a basket with him that immediately was assumed to have a meal inside. To the Little Boy’s luck, there was. Two of them actually. They found a table nearby and enjoyed their delicious meal of tomato sandwiches with an apple and some orange juice to wash it down with. From this day until it was decided the mail boy’s mom would adopt this poor Little Boy Lost, they had met every day in the same spot. He now lives very happily knowing now what love and joy feels like. Having a family to come home to and school to attend-he could never be happier.

When you feel like there isn’t anymore hope and nothing to hold onto-I promise you-if you hold as closely and tightly to that feeling of joy as you can, light will soon shed a positive light on you. Never Give Up and Stay Uplifted, My Friends!


One comment

  1. Laurie · March 15, 2016

    . . . and never stop uplifting.
    I enjoyed your essay very much.


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