Completing an Incomplete Man

Today we will step into the shoes of an incomplete man, trying his best to complete what he had once lost. For a lot of people, the word “incomplete” is a nuance or synonym of embodying negativity. However, to lose a part of yourself, another part seamlessly grows in its place. This is called “growth”. To have growth, you must first deplete. Say you finally found the love of your life-you spend every moment of every day thinking about all of the ways you love her-now, every passing day, you feel the connection that once tied you to an endless bond with happiness wither further and further away. At one point you sat for hours writing all of the things you thought you loved about her, and with every flick of the pen you scratch another item off the list. Finally you come to the conclusion that it isn’t love that you’re feeling-it’s infatuation. She lends attention in return for money, sex, something new or something lost. Pretty soon you begin to see what patterns are erupting and bring yourself back up from the ground to which you fell on. With every movie, every date, every hook-up, you begin to shed light on the true woman you’ve fallen for. Increasing your ability to spot certain behaviors, such as a peck instead of a kiss, sex instead of cuddling, diverged eye contact, physically and mentally they grow more and more apart. However, this is not at all a bad thing-it’s a lesson. For every lesson learned, there is a battle fought. Every scar in your heart is a badge of honor, don’t hurt from them-but instead be proud of what they stand for. Expound love and reach out with happiness to uncover bliss. Another lesson learned is another notch in your belt, so wear it with pride. So, the next time you think you’re falling apart, you’re only making way for new growth. Stay Friendly, Stay Lovely, and Stay Optimistic!



  1. gretalamfel · March 14, 2016

    Great post!


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