Misstepping in the Right Direction

a clumsy or badly judged step.

Have you ever done the wrong thing at the right time? Don’t fret on it too much, because we all have. They’re called mistakes for a reason, everyone makes them, but they don’t always have to be a bad thing. We mess up and we learn from them. We spill coffee, break shoelaces, spend money that we don’t have, and lose people we don’t want to lose, but for every negative there’s a positive-it all depends on the way you perceive things. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s story time:

“I once was on my way to work in my Grand Am to pick up my check. There was a man walking on the side of the road heading in the direction of my place of work. I finally got inside to get my paycheck and there he was again. After a moment of talking to my coworkers, he started over toward me, greeting me as an old friend. He noticed me from driving down the road. I had very little money for gas and couldn’t make any unneeded trips, however he told me that he had walked for roughly 10 1/2 hours to get to the hospital to check his damaged leg, then pay his mortgage with the rest of his money. He had a long-mangled beard, broken yellow finger nails, and dirty-scraps of clothing on. As a human being, I was weary of offering him a ride, not to mention the fact I had literally no gas money in my budget for this. Before I could decide, though, whether or not to offer him a ride, he had asked for one. So, I had my phone on me in case of an emergency-so why not? I had headed off to cash my check in order to get the gas needed for this trip. He had handed me $8, which is everything he had left, so I initially took the money and put it in the tank. Leaving there we had about a half an hour of driving through winding, twisting wood paths. During this venture, he had told me he used to work on a famous Nascar driver’s car during their pitstops. I hadn’t believed him, the guy looked like he had never had a job in his life. (I used to be quick to judge, until after this journey-I learned a very important lesson that day.) Finally, reaching his old cabin of a house out in the woods somewhere I didn’t recognize. My door at this point had been popping every time someone would open it. He noticed this and continued toward his shed. Opening his shed, there was a cluster of old tools revealing themselves in the dim lit-winter weather. He had reached inside to seamlessly pull a unique, elongated looking tool out as if it were by nature. Walking back toward my door, he had latched the old piece of equipment firmly onto the front fender, pulled . . and voila! My door no longer popped when used. It was at this point I began settling my nerves a bit, until of course-he asked me inside. Cautiously, I had exited my vehicle and stepped slowly toward his home. Entering it, I was introduced to Skippy-his small black and brown puppy. He ushered me into his room where upon his wall, hung at least 10 different pictures of him shaking hands with a Nascar driver’s hand and working on his car. He had kept telling me that I was a message from God, redefining his hope and faith. He had said “God bless you, child” close to 5 times by the time I had left his house. He gave me his and his wife’s phone number and had told me that if my car needed fixing at all just to give them a call. After that, I had called them anytime I needed work done on my car, he would teach me how to fix things in case I needed the experience in the future. Him and his wife would also visit me periodically through where I worked at the time, being able to catch up on the latest things happening in our lives. To this day, I still give him a call anytime I need work done on my vehicle and as much as I saved him that day, he did the same for me.”

So the next time you misstep, remember that you could be misstepping in the right direction.




  1. athling2001 · March 12, 2016

    Well said.


    • greengrassoptimism · March 13, 2016

      Thank you very much for taking the time to look over my post, I am very glad you enjoyed it!


  2. So true. Great story. Marianne


    • greengrassoptimism · March 13, 2016

      I appreciate you looking over my post and responding to it! I am very pleased with the amount of people who have viewed my story already!
      Stay Loving, Stay Positive, and Stay True!

      Liked by 1 person

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