Positivity in Unheard Places

To rationally explain positivity would be impossible. It isn’t something you can touch or feel, it isn’t something to hold or even to be taken. Truthfully, positivity is only something you can give. This lesson became apparent to me last yearThere was a time I slept by the dumpster at an old job after they closed and until they opened in the morning for a few weeks until I found someplace to stay. However, during that time I also had two little orange kittens come visit me every morning and I would put my coat down for them so they could eat and get some rest in a warm environment. In return they provided me company and something to work for, something to look forward to. We soon became best friends and eventually I adopted them when I got a place to stay. They taught me a very important lesson and that is that if you give love, love will be given back. Stay Blissful, Stay Beautiful, and Stay Happy!


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