New York City Has the Purest Air in the US

When you think of air purity, New York City would be the last place you would look. In a recent study done, however, we were proven wrong. As of February, 2016 New York City has been struck with the best levels of air purity in 50 years now. If we can get these results to spread, we would extensively preserve the nature of this beautiful planet. You can check out the article for yourself here at greatnewsnetwork.

New York isn’t the only place improving air quality, either. Another study done in Boston, MA informs us that roughly 545 counties in the US today are still extending life expectancy by increasing the quality of the air in their area. There is still hope for us, everyone. Even just by not using as much aerosol or putting your cigarette out a little earlier than you normally would you can significantly affect the environment. You can make a difference by yourself, but remember that together we can change everything. Stay Happy, Stay Blissful, and Stay Optimistic.


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